This summary of cover provides a general outline of the read Association Liability Insurance Policy arranged on behalf of the Eastern Football League. Full terms, conditions, limitations, exclusions and benefits are set out in the Policy Document a copy of which is available in the Policy Documents page.

Policy Class

Association Liability Insurance Policy

Period of Insurance

1st January 2023 to 31st March 2024


Sportscover Australia Pty Ltd under an authority from Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s

Policy Number


Who is Covered

Eastern Football League including all Incorporated Affiliated Clubs, Associations and Members

Business of Insured

Principally but not limited to administration, organisation, promotion and all activities associated with the sport of Australian Rules Football.

How Much Is Cover For

Limit of Indemnity

$5,000,000 AUD any one occurrence

Fidelity Extension – $250,000 AUD any one claim

Aggregate Limit of Indemnity

$5,000,000 AUD in the aggregate any one Period of Insurance.

Fidelity Extension – $250,000 AUD in the aggregate any one Period of Insurance

Geographical Limits

As per Sportscover Australia Association Liability Insurance Policy