BJS Insurance

Non-Medicare Medical Expenses

What does this Section Cover

This section provides cover for the Specified Events as set out in the table below.

What are the Benefits?




Non Medicare Medical

Reimbursement of Non-Medicare Medical expenses incurred within 12 Calender months results in;

  • Private Hospital Accommodation
  • Ambulance Transport Cost
  • Chiropractic
  • Dental Services (to whole sound teeth only)
  • Ancillary Medical Procedures
  • Theatre Fees in Private Hospital where Medicare does not apply
  • Orthotics, Splints & Prosthesis where Medical Practioner considers medically necessary.
  • Physiotherapy (as per Policy Benefit) • 50% reimbursement
  • $2,000 maximum per claim
  • $100 Excess per Claim
50% reimbursement $2,000 maximum per claim$100 Excess per Claim

Other Benefits

Funeral Expenses

If as a direct result of Accidental Death of an Insured Person covered under Section 4.1, Event 1 Death Up to $5,000

Parents Inconvenience

Reimbursement of Non Medicare Medical expenses such as;
Transportation and accommodation costs certified as necessary by the Insured Person’s Medical Practitioner
Up to $1,500


Reasonable costs incurred for rehabilitation of a Bodily Injury which have been incurred following a referral from a Medical Practitioner to a rehabilitation provider including but not limited to a Gymnasium, Pilates Studio or Physical trainer Up to a maximum of $500

Bed Care

If an Insured Person is necessarily confined to a bed after Bodily Injury for a period of not less than 7 days subject to the Policy Terms and Conditions Up to $300 per weekMaximum of 52 weeks

Dependant Children’s

Reasonable costs incurred by the Dependent Children of an Insured Personas a direct result of the Bodily Injury to the Insured Person whilst the Insured Person is undergoing treatment for a Bodily Injury covered by this Policy subject to the Policy Terms and Conditions Up to a maximum of $500

Home Renovation

As a direct result of Bodily Injury, an Insured Person has a valid claim under Events 2 to 7 of 4.1 Capital Benefits subject to the Policy Terms and Conditions 80% of costsMaximum payable $10,000

In Memoriam

As a direct result of Bodily Injury covered under Event 1 of Section 4.1 Capital Benefit subject to the Policy Terms and Conditions Up to $1,000


If an Insured Person is kidnapped during the Scope of Cover. 10% of the Capital Benefit


If following Bodily Injury, an Insured Person is deemed by their attending Medical Practitioner unable to participate in the playing of the sport noted in the Schedule (Australian Rules Football) for the remainder of the season the Insurer will pro rata the club membership fee/registration from the period of the bodily injury occurring up until the end of the season. Maximum benefit $500